If You Don’t Open Your Mouth To Say Stupid Things, No One Will Knock Out Your Tooth

Manhattan idiot David Kupferstein, 36, is suing a strip club for nearly $1 million over a missing tooth caused by his inability to keep his fool mouth shut.

David Kupferstein, 36, stopped with pals at the Hustler Club in March 2015 when one of the dancers chatted up the group.
“She kept on talking to me,” he recalled. “She kept on having drinks with us. Some of my friends were throwing money at her. She told me all about herself and her family and her children . . . and how they were f–king up with the police.
“I said, ‘It sounds like you are a bad mother.’
He added, “ I guess she didn’t like it.”
The dancer punched Kupferstein as he was sipping his drink, knocking out his left front tooth in the process, he charges in a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit against the Midtown West jiggle joint.
“Within seconds, three or four bouncers surround me, escorting me out,” he said. “They bring me to the front. After a couple of minutes they found my tooth on the floor and brought it back to me.”

He said that club management had initially agreed to pay for any dental bills, but later changed their minds likely after realizing hey, fuck that guy.

Kupferstein, who the story notes is single, says that he’s suing because he expects to endure years of expensive dental work in addition to what he’s already gone through and wants the club to be held accountable.

But what about his own accountability?

In his interview, he did leave some room on his shoulders for blame while also being sure not to quit sounding dumb, since that seems to be kind of what he does.

“I guess it is sort of insulting to tell a woman she is a bad mother,” he said. “I felt we had that kind of rapport.”

Dave. Buddy. Come on. You’re 36. That should be plenty old enough to know that the answer to “do this strange, naked woman I just met and I have the kind of rapport that would allow me to gravely insult her and get away with it is pretty much always no.

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