Strange Bodies

Here’s Gill to gross us all out at breakfast time.

The sleep thing though, ask Carin how many times her and I have had entire conversations that she thought I was awake for, or about the time I kicked her and told her to get back to work. I’m glad we sorted that out, because it’s a weird feeling waking up, feeling like someone’s mad at you but having no idea why.

We all know that at some point our body will do something weird, so from projectile snot to being unable to regulate temperature here are some strange things our body does.

  • 1 Physical sleepers – Have you ever woken up and wondered why half the sheets are off your bed, or your spouse keeps kneeing you in intimate spots? You could be a physical sleeper. True story, when I was eleven or so my mom came upstairs and found me shaking my rump in the air. We had a good laugh about it the next day, but I often wondered if I was the only one who unknowingly curled in to the fetal position with out knowing it.
  • 2 Your mom was right – You know how you were always told to cover your face when you sneeze or sneeze in to your elbow? There’s a good reason for that, you may not be the only one getting some on you, your mucus can travel up to seventeen feet.
  • 3 Sweat it out – It’s a hot summer day, and you slept through your alarm, and had to do your jog at eleven-thirty rather than eight, but lucky for you you can sweat. Burn victims, like my friend Jeff can’t, and has to wear something straight out of a sci-fi movie. These suits keep him from overheating, as he can’t regulate his temperature on his own.
  • 4 Whomever smelled it dealt it – Your sitting around chatting with your friends when someone cuts one. Not to worry, although disgusting the average person farts 14 times a day.


What strange things have you done while sleeping?

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