You Have Got To Be Shitting Me

I just read this in the Observer and I could hardly believe my fucking eyes. I mean it shouldn’t surprise me because WWE is WWE and half the time it seems they just do not fucking get it like at all, but Jesus Christ! You sign Ronda Rousey, one of the biggest stars in combat sports today, with the ultimate goal of getting Stephanie motherfucking McMahon, who is the worst, over to a wider audience? Good lord do I ever hope somebody is feeding poor Dave a line here. Seriously, I’m so mad!

As far as Rousey goes, the key item not really talked about is the goals and a major reason why she is there from a company standpoint. All the different questions about her value to the company financially I’m told are secondary.
The key to Rousey is more about Stephanie McMahon, which is why they want that super high-profile match (and if they can get Johnson, it makes it even more high-profile). Stephanie McMahon is a big star in wrestling, but she is not a mainstream star at all. It was explained to me that the key in all this goes back to what made Vince McMahon a big star, which was the program with Steve Austin, and what made Steve Austin a breakthrough star past being a pro wrestling top guy, which was hardly an interview at King of the Ring or the WrestleMania match with Bret Hart, as legend has it, but the angle in Fresno with Mike Tyson.
Rousey is a major sports star. The idea that she was the single most searched female athlete in the U.S. on the Internet in 2017, a year she never competed and for the most part laid low in, speaks volumes. The idea for the program is to make Stephanie a star outside of just the pro wrestling world.

Serious question: Is Stephanie really a big star in the wrestling world? Yes she’s a McMahon and yes she’s all over every inch of the fucking programming, but is she really a star? Are people honest to god buying tickets to WWE events in the hopes that Stephanie McMahon will show up and drone on and on and on and on and goddam on, burying all of the wrestlers in her WWE speak robot voice? I have yet to meet that person, but should the day ever come that I do it’s going to take every single ounce of restraint I can muster not to punch him in the uvula.

If this is really a thing that’s actually happening I kind of hope this company dies, because there truly is no hope left.

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