Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Gill is here to let us know that science has gone ahead and figured out that laughing about something before you go under the knife is probably better than freaking yourself the hell out. Who knew? I mean there’s me who probably could have done better than having one of the last things I saw be a news report about people waking up during operations, but who else?

If you’ve ever had or are having major surgery, have you ever stopped to consider the movies or TV shows you watch pre and post surgery? A study was done to prove the old saying that laughter is the best medicine. A group of heart surgery patients were split into two groups, one was shown comedies prior to surgery the other Pearl Harbor and other more dramatic movies. The study proved the members of team comedy were less likely to have complications and were less stressed. Team drama had a higher complication rate, and recovery times were longer than team comedy.


What cheers you up when your feeling blue?

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