Women Of The World

Gill sent this in in recognition of today being International Women’s Day. We’ve come pretty far, but change is slow and we’ve still got a long way to go before things are truly equal.

With today being International women’s day and the spotlight being on issues relating to women, I thought I would share some facts about what’s going on in other places, even my own backyard.

  • 1 Norway – Like its Scandinavian counterpart Iceland this nation sits top of the heap in many areas including maternal health.
  • 2 Sweden – Keeping on the maternity theme, Swedish parents, yes both parents can take up to two years off for parental leave.
  • 3 Saudi Arabia – Although not a written law, Saudi women aren’t allowed to drive.
  • 4 Mauritania – Some brides wish to slim down prior to saying “I do`, but in Mauritania the fatter the bride the better her prospects. This does come with health issues later.
  • 5 Canada specifically Ontario – If you are female with a disability and you marry a man with a disability and you collect assistance from the government, there is an archaic practice of giving the money to the man.


What are things like for women where you are?

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