What Would You Do?

Gill has a story. I like to think that all of us, if we could and we had to, would have helped out. I know better, but I like to think that.

A few months ago I had a throat infection, and needed to go to a local urgent care clinic. The doctor reminded me of the old country doctor I had growing up in my home town. I went to the pharmacy script in hand, and saw a couple with a young boy. The couple seemed like a lovely couple with a sick son. When it came time for them to get their son’s medicine their health insurance card did not clear. They conferred with one another in Swahili, and decided that their eight-year-old son would be ok with one of the two medicines. The pharmacist explained that he needed both, but one was more expensive than the other, and being hard working, but struggling immigrants this was out of the question. I thought about it, and thought that one, this could have been my sister or I, and two that if I didn’t have limited resources I would have stepped to the desk, paid for the medicine, and told them not to worry. Eventually the health insurance card cleared, and all was resolved.


What would you have done at that moment?

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