The International Rules Of Dining

On the heels of yesterday’s foreign restaurant suggestion, Gill has what are apparently some of the rules of dining around the world. You enjoy this while I try to remember if I’ve ever seen a British person eat a banana.

Here are some tips and tricks that will wow your friends and impress your hosts overseas.

  • 1 Tanzania – If the dinner starts at six social custom is to show up fifteen minutes to half an hour late.
  • 2 China – Although most places frown on this burping at the table is a sign of appreciation for the meal.
  • 3 England – Eat your bananas with knives and forks.
  • 4 Korea – Accept a drink from an elder with both hands, and always wait until the eldest male at the table starts eating before you do.


If you are from another part of the world originally, or have traveled, what are some dining customs you have heard of?

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