Regional Words

To answer Gill’s question, I think the strangest thing anyone may have ever said to me is the time my dad told me that they had him “runnin’ around like a fuckin’ raped ape.” He was explaining how busy he’d been at work lately, if you’re confused.

Have you ever been somewhere and said a phrase or word and had people look at you funny? Here are a handful of words that confuse and amuse people.

  • 1 Wellies – Short for Wellingtons this is a British term for boots, mainly rain boots.
  • 2 Buggy – This can mean shopping cart, or sometimes car. Buggy is used as shopping cart in the Southern US or interchangeably in rural areas like I grew up in.
  • 3 Scramble meal – More often a potluck or covered dish meal this is generally used in Illinois.
  • 4 Real goin’ over – Basically a lecture or scolding. My dad and his contemporaries would often use this saying when they would talk of lectures from parents or ones they had given to children.


What’s a common regional saying or word used to describe something where you are or where you grew up?

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