There Were Car Phones In 1947

If I knew this, somewhere along the way I forgot that I did.

From the CBC Archives comes this broadcast from February 19th, 1947 demonstrating some newfangled mobile phone technology that was set to hit the market in June of that year. Like I said, I had no idea this stuff went back quite that far.

Notice how clear the call quality is, all things considered. Then stop and wonder why half the time your calls don’t sound that good *now*.

Also, there’s no reason why you couldn’t answer the phone while driving says Bill Beatty, clearly not anticipating that these car phone things are ever going to be all that popular or the trouble that might come with everyone having the same idea if he’s wrong.

In this CBC Radio report, two reporters take the new mobile phone, which is about to be introduced to the market, out for a spin. Driving along the streets of Toronto, Bill Beatty’s car is outfitted with the required antenna and receiver boxes. Calling from a telephone booth, Byng Whitteker places the call.

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