My Confession

I’m not sure to what Gill is confessing here exactly, but we certainly wish her and everyone else the best.

Last week I felt sad. Now as you know I have bipolar disorder, and am prone to feeling extreme moods. Sometimes I can’t quite put my finger on why I’m crying or laughing a lot. It got me to thinking about things, and sometimes my mind would go to some rather dark places. I also found out that my friend might need brain surgery, so my already fragile mood was driven closer to shattering. I considered for a moment avoiding making friends, because especially if the people have disabilities there are other issues going on health wise. It also didn’t help that I phoned someone who had a very negative outlook on life Sunday night. When my friend called me to tell me he was ok for now, I breathed a sigh of relief.

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  1. I think she feels guilty about thinking about not making new friends, especially friends with disabilities and that’s her confession. I think she realizes that’s a bad way to think because she herself has other stuff going on, and if people thought that way about her, it would be pretty sad. When she said that to me, that’s kind of what I said to her. Maybe I was being mean, but I felt like she needed a shake.

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