You Can’t Get That There

I guess I can stop worrying about saving up for that trip to Sweden I’d been thinking about. Thanks, Gill.

If you live in another country or have visited one then you will know that some items or common things where you are may be banned for some reason or another.

  • 1 China – Don’t count on being able to watch Back To The future or Dr. Who. Anything involving time travel is illegal. This is because of the idea that it will distort historical truths.
  • 2 Sweden – My late great friend Eric would sometimes talk about getting spanked or “whooped.` but since 1979 the practice of corporal punishment has been illegal in Sweden.
  • 3 Bolivia – They weren’t lovin McDonald’s in this Latin Nation, not due to high fat content, but due more to the fact that Bolivian traditional cooking involves time, love and passion.


What crazy things have been banned in your country, province, or State?

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