Your First Memories

Gill mentioned childhood memories yesterday, and it seems it’s time to expand on that thought. Pretty sure number two is meant to show that not everyone’s early memories are happy ones. It’s a touch jarring.

I often think about when I was small, and didn’t have to worry about the tough stuff. I am also curious to find out what people’s earliest memories are.

  • 1 Curious about that Afro – This is vague and splotchy but I have a bit of a memory of my mom getting me ready for bed when I wasn’t even two. I wore this sleeper that was light yellow and had bluish grey footies.
  • 2 Tied down – My friend Jeff once told me that when he was two or so he remembered being in a refugee hospital in Thailand, and needing surgery. The hospital was horribly overcrowded and they had run out of anesthesia, so nurses tied his hands and feet, so the surgeon could operate.
  • 3 First Movie – It is 1986 and my mom, grandma, sister and I head to a town fourteen miles away, girls night out. We go to see a movie about a little Russian mouse named Fivo.


What’s your earliest memory?

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