Cooking With Coolness

Gill has a few words about some of the international cooking she likes to do. It would have been nice if a few of those words were recipes.

I have been to a lot of different restaurants of many different cultures, but I can’t always afford to try that new Indonesian place. That’s where the option of cooking at home comes in.

  • 1 Moroccan – This country in North Africa has food that’s both trendy and healthy. Right near the Mediterranean it pulls its foods from a wide range of influences. Like its neighbors it has couscous as one of its common dishes.
  • 2 Pakistan/India – Filled with a lot of vegetables, spices, and delicious breads this has also become a go-to food.
  • 3 Spanish/Latin – I love this type of food, because of the variety and twists each Latin Nation puts on their cooking.


What’s a unique type of food that you’ve tried, and what was so unique about it?

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