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Time for another big ‘ol dump of Gill’s random facts.

The map shows cloudy with a 100% chance of finding stuff out.

  • India – A man broke two Guinness Book records, one for doing yoga on ice, the other for putting fish up his nose.
  • Get some sleep – Ever spent nights tossing and turning? You could be doing more harm than good. Sleep deprived people are more likely to be in car accidents, be overweight, and develop forms of cancer.
  • A day in their shoes – A man caught pilfering Salvation Army donations was sentenced to spend a day homeless.
  • Italy – In the Italian city of Milan unless your seeing sick relatives in hospital or going to a funeral you have to turn that frown upside down.
  • A very tiny piece of cereal – A british student put one lonely cornflake up on E-bay, and it sold for around $2.
  • Eat it up – Not only does dark chocolate taste like more, but it also has health benefits such as lowering cholesterol, and it may also prevent certain cancers.
  • Football game interrupted – In 1968, an NFL game was cut short to show the movie Heidi.
  • Salad days – Depending on where you are you might see something called a Super Foods Salad in your local grocery store chain. This is a salad consisting of kale, sunflower seeds, cranberries, etc.
  • Calming effect – If a baby’s crying and won’t calm down, just smile continuously at them.
  • Allergy to cold – Yes this is a thing, and yes it can be fatal. Sufferers break out in rashes at the very least.
  • Blind applications – In Great Britain law schools have adopted a policy of students leaving their names off applications. This is so their future employers won’t just judge based on name but qualifications.
  • Narwhals – These interesting aquatic animals look like porpoises, but have tusks that really don’t serve any kind of purpose.
  • Cone collaboration- At the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis an ice cream stand was running out of plates, but a stand next door was struggling to sell anything. Seeing each other’s struggles the two stands found a delicious way to combine ice cream and waffles.
  • I’ve known this for years- Black licorice, but not the processed sugar filled stuff has health benefits. So not only does it taste good, but the roots and oil can help with certain issues.
  • Cobra Heart – This is a Vietnamese delicacy.  People daring enough will eat the heart of a cobra sometimes while it still beats.
  • Dumbo octopus –  Named for the 1941 Disney movie these octopi have distinctively large fins on the top.  They make their homes very deep in the ocean.
  • Not pet material- The dart frog looks innocent enough, but if you touch it with a cut on your hand the venom will kill you.
  • Your personality stinks – If someone tells you your a skunk at a garden party, that’s not their odor they are talking about, but the fact you just might be rather unpleasant.
  • Sting Rays – A few years ago I got to see these unique aquatic creatures at an aquarium in my sister’s neighborhood. What makes them cool is what they reminded me of. The way they floated in their tank reminded me of floating napkins.
  • Panda Ants – These aren’t adorable like pandas or picnic ruiners like ants, but they do do something that’s really quite painful. They are wasps with excruciating stings.
  • Sea cucumbers- No these aren’t some crazy Kmare delicacy I had at my friend Jeff’s house, but what they are is sea creatures preferring the deepest and coldest parts of the ocean.
  • Black and white – For the first several months of life babies see only in black and white.
  • What’s old is new again – A few years back there was virtually a contest to see which expectant mother could name their child the weirdest or most outrageous name. It was also at this time that a growing number of moms were opting out of the weird, and going back several generations for name inspiration. So now in a kindergarten class you might see a Hashtag sitting next to a Charlotte.
  • You named your child that- Around ten years ago in effort to make the good people of New Jersey look bad, a man tried to get his son’s birthday cake decorated. What’s so bad about that? Well, the three-year-old was named Adolf Hitler. That’s about as good an idea as naming me for the pesticide I was exposed to a little bit in my mom.
  • More Bones – Babies have 300 bones in their bodies, we adults 206.
  • A Proper Hug – A proper hug requires both arms of the hugger to go around the huggee.
  • Wrong – A British chain called Tesco drew ire when they allowed a stripper pole to be sold in the toy department. The basic instructions were to “unleash the sex kitten with in.`
  • Screen time – The average person spends roughly 12 hours in a day on some kind of screen.
  • Less muscles required – My mom was right when she said it took less muscles to smile than to frown. Smiling only takes 17, where frowning takes 43.
  • End to end – There are 60000 miles of blood vessels in the human body. Now if you laid them all end to end they would go around the entire world twice.
  • The Mighty tongue – The tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body.
  • It switches in to high power at night – When you’re about to power down, your brain’s just warming up.
  • Honduras – Though a tourist destination this Central American nation has the highest murder rate.
  • Vietnam – It is of the highest order of rudeness not to take off your shoes when you walk in to a Vietnamese home.
  • Jamaica – A superstition dictates that feeding a baby chicken before they start talking will prevent them from talking.
  • USA – It is illegal in New York and several other places to carry ice cream in your back pocket on Sundays.
  • Hairy Matters – The average strand of human hair lasts three to seven years.
  • Color me curious – If you mixed all the colors known to humankind you’d have black.
  • Don’t spit on the sidewalk darlin – In Singapore it’s illegal to hock a loogy on a sidewalk.
  • Salt free – If you reach for the salt on an Egyptian table it’s an insult.
  • Choose love –  It takes far more energy to hate than to love.
  • Think about it – It’s not “You’ve got another thing coming, but you’ve got another think coming.`


Would you like to set a world record? If so, for what? What do you think should be on the list of things called Super foods? What is a myth your parents told you in order to get you either to do or not do something? What’s the coolest pet that you or someone you know has had? What animal do you fear the most, or are you not scared of animals? When you were growing up, what was the most common name given in your neighborhood? What interesting fact do you know of and would be willing to share?

I see what you did with the last one on the list, Gill. And I assume it means there will be more to come.

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