Head-Spinning Flight Safety Videos

Yes, I’m back home. I went to CSUN, the first time in four years. I flew two United flights, and thankfully, they didn’t try to break me or Tansy on either one. Very good news!
But I did think their safety video seemed really weird. The words were normal enough, but the surrounding music was just messed up. And, what’s up with the barking dog? My reaction to it kind of reminded me of the story of the patients with aphasia thinking a president’s speech was absolutely hilarious simply because the facial expression didn’t match the tone. They couldn’t understand the words, but his appearance and gestures were so fake that they thought it was a really good joke.

So here’s the video. For me, things get weird at about a minute 10 seconds and just continue to get weird. I can understand the party music at the beginning, maybe they’re imagining that we’re all headed for some vacation or something, but the dogs and the crazy Flight of the Bumble Bee-like music and the ripping something or other and the other weird music is just odd.

Am I the only one that finds the music really distracting? I’m glad I’ve flown before and have gone through more than a few safety briefings.

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