Eight-Year-Old You Versus Grownup You

Gill is wondering what her kid self would think about her grownup self, and what sorts of advice grownup her might give to kid her. If I had to give my younger self advice, I would tell it to stop trying to be good at the piano. It’s not going to happen. Switch to the drums or put all your energy into singing before you get discouraged and burn out on music lessons. Also, yes, people think you’re funny. But sometimes it’s ok to be quiet. The line between amusing and obnoxious can be a fine one.

Have you ever wondered to yourself what eight-year-old you would say about who you are now?  I thought about this yesterday, and came to the following conclusions.

  • 1 Good and healthy – Eight-year-old me would probably be proud that now me was eating vegetables, some of which she might find yucky.
  • 2 Having faith – Although eight-year-old me went to church, It wasn’t as big a priority.
  • 3 Home – I honestly think eight-year-old me would rather live with my parents or on Endore with the E-walks.


What would you tell your eight-year-old self if you could be given the chance to chat?

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