Gill seems to be feeling out of place in her own skin.

I’ve always marched to my own drum. In fact, my mom has stated at many junctures that I would have my own marching band. This I don’t mind in the least, however it has put me on the outer fringes of what is and what isn’t “Canadian.” It has also put me at odds with many people, and I don’t like using this word, but anti-patriotic has been bandied about. Let me explain how I have been rejected.

Blind Camp

I used to go to this Bible retreat up in Northern Michigan, and it was generally to be about getting to know people, and advancing one’s spiritual connection. Unfortunately it was a house with divisions not only along racial lines but country lines. I gravitated more toward our American hosts, and as if the Canadian people calling me “retarded` wasn’t bad enough, most would not talk to me for sitting at “American` tables.

Eric Gave Me Room To Dream

Eric, memorialized in articles from four years ago, was with the Texas crew and was one of the few Americans the Canadians liked. He actually didn’t mind me being around, and when we would talk he would suggest repeatedly that I should come down to Texas to finally feel like a full person.


Do you feel like you were born in the wrong country, era, gender, or race?

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