The Dashcam Giveth And The Dashcam Taketh Away

Note to Xavier Moran: If you own one of those dashcams that records everything, there’s more than a slim chance that the word everything means exactly what you’d think it would. This is important, because not only will it have the good evidence on it that will prove you weren’t at fault in that car […]

Add Photographs To The List Of Things That Can Now Be Faked Too Convincingly To Be Trustworthy

And the race to make sure that we’ll eventually not be able to trust any goddamn thing ever again continues. Thanks, Nvidia. The woman in the photo seems familiar. She looks like Jennifer Aniston, the “Friends” actress, or Selena Gomez, the child star turned pop singer. But not exactly. She appears to be a celebrity, […]

No National Service Dog Team Standard! Yea!

I have a happy update to the Canadian service dog team standards story. They have scrapped it! I guess all the comments, meetings with MP\s, and whatever everyone else did convinced them that a one-size-fits-all standard does not work, as we all knew it wouldn’t. Of course, there are articles like this one that make […]

The Further Adventures of Googoo and Odessa

Here’s another video demonstrating why Grandma would not like an Amazon Echo. It doesn’t matter how many times I watch this video, it’s just as funny. I can’t help but crack up when she yells “Ok Goo goo!” It’s fascinating to watch her hitting the speaker thinking that will make it wake up. It totally […]