The Name Of The Team

If I were smart I’d have asked Gill what the cheer was in her third item, because I laughed at the Boat Load and wouldn’t mind it being even funnier somehow.

With the arrival of baseball season and hockey winding down we need to talk. Some team names have been placed beneath the microscope because of the age of political correctness, and what is now frowned upon. Now before you go calling me a social justice warrior or something like that, we must understand that some of these controversies have been going on for many years.

  • The Chicago Blackhawks – This is more recent, unlike the Braves of Atlanta or the Cleveland Indians.
  • The Washington Redskins – This team was named all the way back in the 1930’s, however nowadays this would be the same as calling a Brampton fastball team the Brampton Brown faces.
  • From experience – My friend Jeff was a water boy for his high school baseball team, a team largely made up of Cambodians, Vietnamese, and Thai Canadian kids. Classmates, and even the two non-Southeast Asian team members called the team “the boat load.” They even had a cheer each time the guys would go up to bat that pretty much offended anyone with any kind of decency.


What’s your favorite sports team, or did your high school have a team name that may not be ok today?

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