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This would be a great time for more details, Gill. I have so many questions. For instance, why are we painting our children’s legs blue? And are we sure stove man here has a girlfriend, because I’m getting a strong sense that the only intimate partner he had in mind that day was named Coleman.

If you’ve ever been to an emergency room chances are your either in for a long wait, will end up sitting next to someone whose emergency is weirder than yours, or your the unlucky weirdo who has done something to end up there.

  • Cold Blue Leg of Christmas – On this show I watched, a mother and 3-year-old sat in an emergency room on Christmas Eve. The little boy had been at his church’s annual pageant, and was complaining of coldness in his leg. It looked blue, and rather on its way to dying, but what it actually was was the boy and his mom painted his leg blue.
  • You put your portable stove where – This one was on the same show, and is another reason why you should say no to drugs. A man, stoned and feeling romantic, decided that it would be fun to stick his junk inside a Coleman Stove for his girlfriend’s pleasure. He got it caught, so a naked dude with a stove attached went to emergency.


What’s the weirdest emergency room visit you’ve heard of? Or maybe you yourself have gone there for some strange reason?

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