Believe It Or Not

There are some strange and not so great religions in this world. Here’s Gill to talk about a few of them.

Religion is a touchy and divisive issue, the very word can make people uncomfortable. As an Evangelical Christian, I sometimes have to hold my tongue as to not make my fellow human beings uncomfortable when debating an issue.

  • Jediism – Yes this is a thing, and it is recognized in some places. Basically they believe in the power of the force, and wish to use it for good.
  • The Flying Spaghetti Monster – This is a reactionary move when the people of Kansas USA debated whether Evolution or inteligent design should be taught in public schools.
  • Christian Identity – I mentioned a second ago I am an Evangellical (Seventh Day Adventist) and the teachings of my church promote the loving of one’s neighbor. Christian identity is the exact opposite. They teach Jewish people are evil, and that whites are God’s chosen people.


Whatever you believe, we share this spinning ball of chaos, so we should try to love one another.

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