The Good Life

I know what Gill is driving at and she’s absolutely right that your life will be much better if you embrace others and yourself, but when I personally think of the good life, it’s not much more than a sunny day, a cold beer, a baseball game on the radio and nobody bothering me. I’d rather be comfortable than rich, because when you’re rich you’ve got all sorts of “friends” who always seem to need just one little favour. But still, don’t be a dick. It isn’t that hard to be a good person and we all really should do it.

When you think of the “good life,” you probably picture fast cars, diamonds and grand homes, but what if I told you you didn’t need all of that to truly live the good life? You would probably question my sanity at the very least. Here are the true secrets and tips to having the “good life.”

  • Kindness – It doesn’t have to be a major thing, it could be as simple as holding the door for someone or saying hello to someone.
  • Having an open mind – Understanding people and recognizing that from the billionaire in the grand mansion on the hill to the homeless person searching dumpsters that something got them there.
  • Empathy – I attend a mainly black church, and last year when my pastor found a flier from the local chapter of the KKK I made the choice to stand in prayer united with my church family.
  • Try something new – If your friend suggests going to try an escape room, try it.
  • Be authentic you – Don’t fake, people will love the genuine you, and all its eccentricities.

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