An Axecellent Day

Gill went axe throwing recently. I wouldn’t mind trying that sometime.

A few years back I wrote about being blind, but doing things that were out of the stereotypical box. I’d like to take a brief moment to talk to you about something I recently did that was rather unique.

Mystery Activity

Last week, my parents and I traveled to my sister’s home in Toronto. She had said that she had a mystery activity planned for us. I was thinking escape room, but this wasn’t an escape room.

Where Was It?

About a ten minute drive from my sister’s house stood a rather unassuming building. Repurposed during World War 2 as a munitions factory, this building looked like any old warehouse. Inside though was a row of cages holding axe throwing stations.

How Do you do this?

You get instructions on how to hold the axe, then you hold it about eye-level a little ahead of you with both hands, then you bring it up and over your head, and just before you get back to your original stance you release. Your goal is to hit a target in the middle of a wooden board. My instruction was pretty good and I even managed to hit the bullseye once, but for me the fun was mostly in the trying.


I thought this was a fun way to spend a couple of hours, and would highly recommend this to anyone craving something different to do.

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