Come From Away

Gill has some thoughts on the Come From Away musical.

In the aftermath of September 11 2001, almost 8000 people were trapped in Newfoundland for five days. This play talks of several individuals trapped until airspace returned to open.

The Good

If you enjoy an assortment of musical genres, this is perfect for you. There’s rock, East Coast folk, and all points between.

The Bad

I honestly found the play slightly self-promoting and hypocritical. Canadians say they’re humble, but this made me think that the opposite might be true. Yes, sadly there were some moments of Islamophobia, but it wasn’t just the Americans trapped there, if you couldn’t drink for whatever reason there was no place for you to be a true Islander.


If you feel comfortable with promotion of alcoholism and don’t mind self-promotion, go see this. If you also like a mix of toe-tapping folk and rock songs, also see it.

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