What The Books Often Neglect

Gill is here to offer you some cliches for free so that hopefully you won’t have to drop any money on one of those silly self-help books.

If you’ve ever read a self-help book, you will get to know the fact that they often just use cliches and never really cater to you as an individual. Sure they might have a few good ideas for boosting your confidence or the ability to help you land that dream job, but do they really know you? Here are a couple of things the books often forget.

  • Listen to your inner child – Go back to a time when all seemed perfect to you, and take a timeout to listen to what little you is trying to say.
  • Find your inner rock star – Be daring, and try for that promotion, or go try ax throwing for the first time. You may not get it, but half the fun comes from trying.
  • Know who you really are – Most people would tell you that your teens and twenties are when you find out who you really are as an individual. That’s not exactly true. I’ll admit that although I’m nearing forty, I still don’t always know who the woman in the mirror is.


Have you discovered something about yourself that you weren’t entirely sure of earlier in life?

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