Three Percent Of The Time

Since she spent some time the other day talking about some of her experiences with the public as a blind person, Gill is back to tell you how much she can actually see. But contrary to what she says below, Carin does have some usable vision. It’s helpful enough that she’s able to do things such as sort laundry or mistake the occasional fat person for a garbage can.

Here’s another opportunity to get to know your friend Ms. Gillie. I am, like Steve and Carin, visually impaired. Unlike them, however, I do have some usable eyesight. I have a condition called Axenfeld Syndrome, which means that while I was in my mother’s womb something went wrong with both my eyes. My left eye is rather weirdly shaped, and my right eye basically didn’t form. I also have Nystagmus, which has rendered me with an inability to focus my good eye for any longer than a second or two.

What Do I See?

Well, here’s where the situation turns on its head. I can read the numbers on a digital clock or microwave, however when I was first learning to read I learned braille. I see better on cloudy days, and see buildings and large objects from further away than I can people. I can see colors and shapes, and can recognize people’s expressions if I’m close enough.

How Do I Feel?

It is what it is, we all have something that’s a royal pain in the backside. Sometimes I’ll even forget for a second or two and nearly leave my cane behind.

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