The Donald Trump Insult Match Game!

Let’s play a game.

Remember back in January which feels like years ago because everything that didn’t happen within the last five or ten minutes feels like years ago when Donald Trump called a bunch of countries shitholes? That, obviously, was not the first or last time he’s gone out of his way to insult an entire nation. In this quiz, there are 12 examples of other times he’s done it. Your mission is to match the dickheaded remark to the country it was aimed at.

For each question, four choices are given. Once you make your choice, look up at all the answers again because a brief rundown of what he said will appear under the right one.

I got eight of them. I should have had nine, but it’s early, I haven’t had my tea yet and I gave a reasonable yet obviously wrong answer to question four.

Have fun, assholes!

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