Be Careful, Part One

Gill is back to tell us about her recent medical misadventure, or at least part of it. You can tell she’s still not quite right by the way this ends. We certainly wish her a speedy recovery.

Recently I had a health scare that got me to thinking about things. I will explain how in 48 short hours I went from thinking little of an issue to being on my way to the hospital. Though I’m not quite 100% Gillie, I’m working my way back from a rather frightening experience.


Like any good timeline we must start prior to the issue. It was a cool Saturday when I went with some friends from my church to a revival meeting in a town about an hour away. Lunchtime came around and my friends and I decided to enjoy God’s creation with a picnic in a nearby park. We fellowshipped, ate, and enjoyed the beauty of a sunny day. Everything was perfect, until my friend’s fourteen-year-old son noticed a bug on my shoulder. He shooed it away, and I thought nothing of it.

Sunday Morning

I woke up at the usual time, and noticed the area surrounding my right eye was swollen. I didn’t think it was much more than either allergies or that pesky bug from the picnic. By that night, however, it was more uncomfortable than anything, and sleep was elusive. I still didn’t think anything was seriously wrong.


By Monday my right eye, a prosthetic, was painful and pretty much swollen shut. I scheduled an appointment with my general physician, and she suggested that it was just a minor infection and gave me some medicine.


Tuesday morning I woke up feeling worse than before, and someone pointed out to me that the swelling had started marching across to my other eye. I also became sick to my stomach, and said to several people that I felt like “death.” I postponed a Project Fun Weekend, and told my dad that I needed to go to the hospital. Tuesday night I went by ambulance to a local hospital.

Sign Off

Friends, I am tired. The medicine, of which I will speak later, is starting to work on me. So more soon.

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