Be Careful, Part Two

Here’s Gill with part two of her hospital stay. She’s slowly getting back to normal, which is nice.

When I left you guys, I was riding an ambulance speeding toward a hospital. When I got there I spent a good two-and-a-half hours laying on a gurney in the hall waiting for a room to come available. The medics wheeled me in to an intermediate care room. This, for our readers in other places, is a mid-level trauma room. I spent the next several hours in and out of sleep, having my vitals checked, and being looked at by doctors. At this point I still held a glimmer of hope that I’d be released.

Admition and Hallway Medicine

Early Wednesday morning one of the doctors came in and told me I was being admitted to a ward. By this point I was now on IV medicine, so I kind of figured I wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. A few hours later someone took me from where I was to a ward. Unfortunately my room wasn’t ready just at that point, so it was hallway medicine for me for several more hours.

Mom Came By

Around ten Wednesday morning my mom, who lives about a hundred and fifty miles away, showed up. She found me in all my previous day’s clothes and doped up glory laying on a gurney in the hall.

The Room

About one that afternoon I finally was allowed in to the room where I would be staying. I was the baby of the four people in the room, and realized that I probably wouldn’t get much sleep.

Sign Off

Don’t be mad. I have to run along, but I will tell you more very soon.

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  1. This sounds eerily like my gallbladder experience, minus the hallway medicine part. I remember noticing how little sleep I was getting with all the beeping and booping and clanking and banging and “vitals!” ing and “we need some blood” ing and all the other things that happen in hospitals. Very very scary stuff. I still don’t think the bug had anything to do with it though. Poor poor bug.

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