I’m Not A Health Teacher, But I Play One At The Park

Were Otis Dawayne Ryan a Doug Ford voter, I’m guessing it would have more to do with the buck-a-beer promise than his pledge to make the sex education curriculum more conservative.

The incident occurred about 3 p.m. Sunday at a park in the area of Pier 60.
Officers said Ryan at first was approaching tourists and making inappropriate comments to women in an effort to get their male partners to confront him. An officer in the area was watching him at the time.
“I watched (Ryan) walk over to the busy playground area and climb to the top of one of the children’s toys that was being occupied by children between the ages of 4 and 6,” an officer wrote in an arrest report. “He then started shouting from the top telling the children that babies come out of women” — and used a vulgar term in doing so.
“At that time parents were rushing to the area to remove their children,” the officer wrote.

Police did some rushing of their own, hauling Ryan in on a charge of disorderly conduct.

Apparently justice is capable of moving swiftly sometimes, because Ryan has already been found guilty on that charge, fined $118 and ordered to stay away from the park. Perhaps this is due to some sort of frequent flyer program they have in Florida, as Ryan has been arrested a number of times in the last year on charges ranging from disorderly conduct to battery to carrying a concealed weapon.

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