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Well, the decision has been made. On July 31 I’m taking mom for breakfast. We’re going to a place called the Orchid. She is always saying the most complimentary things about it and it kind of takes me back to when I would eat there Sundays after church when I was a teenager with my grandmother and the food was great then, so it feels like a good choice.

Original Post: Gill needs a little bit of help deciding on a gift for her mom. I think all of these sound nice and she’d be happy with any of them, more likely than not. But most of all I’m sure she’s just glad you’re ok and would tell you she doesn’t need anything beyond that.

Hi readers! I hope all is going well for you.

I have spent the last just over a week trying to decide on something. You know how I said I felt like I owed my mom something after she spent those three days in the hospital with me? Well I am going to ask you guys for some suggestions of things I could possibly do for her. Here are a couple of things that have crossed my mind.

  1. Take her for coffee or lunch – she loves going for coffee and nice meals.
  2. Gift card for a spa day – Let’s face it, she needs some spoiling!
  3. Making a meal together – Last year for her 70th birthday I, along with her help, brought Southeast Asia to her in the form of a noodle dish.


Which one of these ideas do you like best, or do you have suggestions of your own?

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  1. I understand that feeling of wanting to do something nice for my mom, I felt the same way after the gallbladder thing, but I agree with Steve. She’s your mom. That’s what moms do. Don’t worry so much.

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