Fearing The Yucky Stuff

Gill is thinking about stuff she didn’t like as a kid, particularly as it relates to beach season. The sand part I understand since it can be really hot and it gets into and sticks to everything, but grass? That’s interesting.

Depending on where you are in the world, you might be heading into or blessed to live in a place that has summer like conditions year round. Those hot days are meant to be spent somewhere cool, like an air conditioned mall, by a pool or on a beach.

Many Years Ago

Growing up I was blessed to live in an area with beautiful beaches and lakes. Although going to the beach was loads of fun, when I was a child I freaked out over having to walk on either the sand or the grass, which felt moist and gooey to me. My mom would have to pick up four-year-old me to avoid the possibility of me touching what I would come to refer to as “the yucky stuff.” I eventually outgrew the fear of my toes touching the sand or grass, but my mom and I still sometimes talk about how I couldn’t handle that part of the beach.


What is a strange thing you wouldn’t do, eat, or touch as a child?

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