FlickType Just Got Even Better

A few months ago I wrote about FlickType and how nice it was to have an honest to god easy way to type on my iPhone again. And today, the news gets better.

Dear AppleVis friends,
We could not be any more excited today to share with you our biggest news yet: The brand new, system-wide FlickType keyboard is now available on the App Store! Packed with emoji, cursor control, better dictionary and so much more! A huge thank you to all our amazing testers, we couldn’t have done it without you ☺️
The new container app is also much easier to navigate, has improved instructions and is totally free to use. For the system-wide custom keyboard, we are offering a free 7-day trial, and after that it’s just 99 cents per month. Continuing to build out this technology is no small task, and this will support our ongoing development costs so that we can continue to provide you with the very best VoiceOver typing experience available.
All beta testers can continue to use the custom keyboard free of charge, but we hope that you will also support us by simply downloading FlickType from the App Store and choosing the “Upgrade” option. You will still receive new beta builds as usual.
A big thank you to everyone for your support over the last few months, and we can’t wait to show you what else we’ve planned for the future of VoiceOver typing. Please help us spread the word!
Warmly, Kosta and Ashley

Yes, you can now make FlickType the default keyboard anywhere you’d like! No more bouncing between apps to paste text! I mean sure that was still faster than touch typing and not a huge inconvenience by any means, but now things will be even faster and more convenient! Ok, I’ll stop with the exclamation points now!

One thing I should note about the subscription price: Here in Canada, that 99 cents per month is actually $1.29. It’s still completely reasonable and based on what I’ve seen of the trial so far I’m going to be more than willing to pay it, but if you’re in a country that isn’t America, that’s something to be aware of.

Ok, off to get used to how all the new bits work now.

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