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Much like Donald Trump has never met a lie he wouldn’t tell, it seems our shiny new Ontario government has yet to meet a courtroom through whose doors it will not be dragged. So I give you this because it’s important, plus let’s face it, it’s the only way we might have a chance of being able to frigging keep up.

Government lawyers are getting busy in Ontario.
Over the course of two days in August 2018, Tesla won its case against the Progressive Conservatives, the government was slapped with a notice of action from basic income recipients and then named in the City of Toronto’s challenge to council cuts.
The Minister of Education also faces three separate actions over her decision to revert to a health curriculum first introduced in 1998, which doesn’t teach students about consent, cyberbullying, gender identity or gay relationships.
Here are all the lawsuits, challenges, and applications for judicial review filed against Premier Doug Ford’s government. This story will be updated as decisions are released and more documents are filed.

They aren’t kidding. In fact, since I first saw it yesterday it’s already been updated once.

All since the end of June, everyone. All since the end of June. The Ultimate Guide To Legal Actions Against Doug Ford’s Government

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