A Couple Updates From Gill

I’ve gotten a couple of updates from Gill recently that I’m just getting to now. In this first one, “today” = Sunday because I was busy long weekending. Community Service When one thinks of church sponsored events, one of several things probably comes to mind. Fish fries, revival meetings and forced conversions, or in rarer […]

Pick Of The Litter: A Fun Little Movie About Guide Dogs

I’ve been meaning to write about this movie, but I wanted to see it first. Now I have, so here I go. It’s a documentary about GDB, the school that trained Trix and Tansy, and it’s called Pick of the Litter. It’s the story of five guide dog puppies, and the process they move through […]

Ya Fix Sixteen Faults, And What do Ya Get, One Eye Implant And A Life Full Of Debt…

I had a really weird dream Tuesday night and felt it needed a place in the totally out there dream archive. I think my brain decided it was time to brew up a thought soup, and this was the result. It started off with me watching a TV show about this girl who was graduating […]

Ontario Government Doesn’t Understand How Studies Work, Thinks We’re Dumb

No matter how you feel about Ontario’s basic income project (I’m for it for a number of reasons, for the record), it’s awfully hard to see the Doug Ford governments decision to yank it out from under people without warning years early and in spite of a promise not to do that as anything other […]