The Super Mario Bros. Theme, Now With Its Official Lyrics From 1985

That’s one catchy tune. And even though it doesn’t have words, once you hear it a time or two you’ll be humming it forever. At least that’s what I’ve thought for the thirty some years between my childhood and this morning, when I learned that in fact the Super Mario Bros. theme song does have […]

A Handy Guide To Help You Understand What The Hell Your Kids Are On About

I’ve known it for a long time (since I became an adult, basically), but I am becoming more and more of an old person every day. This fact was just made clear to me once more as I stumbled upon The Old Person’s Guide To Hip Young Modern Lingo. Don’t get me wrong, I knew a […]

Oh Good, Now Even The News Anchors Are Fake

If you think local radio and TV aren’t so hot now, just wait until Bell, Rogers and Corus hear about this. China’s state-run press agency has created an ‘AI anchor’ to read the news Nope, that’s not creepy at all. Nuh uh. Seriously, even as a guy who listens to screen reader voices all day, […]

Somebody Just Voted Himself Off The Christmas Card List

This looks like your standard, run-of-the-mill campaign ad, but then… Holy shit, did not see that coming. Yes, that really is six of Republican Congressman Paul Gosar’s nine siblings telling the good people of Arizona not to vote for their brother and to instead support his opponent, Democratic candidate David Brill. It didn’t work, but […]