Seems You Can Make Wine In An Instant Pot. Sold!

We have some friends who enjoy talking about how much they love their Instant Pots, but as cool as they sound, so far getting one of our own hasn’t’ been something we’ve been in much of a hurry to investigate. But if this is true, I’ll be at the store. How To Make Instant Pot Wine

All you need, it says here, is a 64oz bottle of Welch’s grape juice (I don’t know what that is in metric because I’m terrible at math plus I grew up in that generation where metric was kind of new so everything was this weird combination of pounds and Celsius), sugar, Lalvin red or white wine yeast, a funnel, some clear packing tape, an Instant Pot that has a yogurt function and about 10 days.

Wait what? Ten days? But how will I eat?!

Don’t panic. You won’t have to leave your wine in the pot all that time. After the first couple of days it looks like you move to the bottling phase, so you should still be able to pressure cook everything in sight.

But is it any good?

Does it matter?

According to our lord and saviour and a couple of his friends, it isn’t bad. It smells of chocolate and cherries and has “a very palatable wine taste.”

Yeah, that’ll work. Hard to argue with a glowing endorsement like that.

If any of you try this, let me know how it goes. Assuming you ever bother sobering up again, of course.

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