Five Minutes Of Hell At The Inflatable Run

I’ve never met KUSI TV meteorologist Dave Scott, but after watching the poor guy struggle through this live report from an inflatable toy festival/race of some sort I kind of feel the urge to track him down, give him a hug and tell him everything is going to be ok. Seriously, if someone has ever told you that it just wasn’t your day, this is what they meant.

Right from the start, literally everything goes wrong here.

He fucks up his opening question to such a degree that the people back at the studio don’t know what he’s talking about even though they’ve just thrown it to him, leading to the awkwardest awkward pause and confused back and forth you’ve ever seen.

He doesn’t do much better with the people standing around him, who either can’t figure out what sorts of fun they’re going to have today or aren’t really paying attention to him at all.

Speaking of not being able to figure things out, Scott doesn’t seem to quite understand what the point of all this is, even as an inflatable tube man thing named Mr. Wacky that he and the crowd summon with a magic chant tries to explain it to him.

“It’s like a 5 K only longer,” he wonders aloud, failing to grasp the concept of a mile long track that people can run around as many times as they’d like.

He then tops it off by asking if all of this means that everyone becomes an inflatable today, which seems to throw off Mr. Wacky momentarily before he answers the question with the obvious question ( “Does everyone want to be an inflatable today?”), and then tries to get everyone to do a dance.

The video ends there, before we get to see what in my head I imagine to be a broken Dave Scott, his mouth and a gun.

I haven’t seen any of this year’s news blooper compilations yet, but if the year end one is anything other than this on a loop, I’ll be shocked.

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