A Handy Guide To Help You Understand What The Hell Your Kids Are On About

I’ve known it for a long time (since I became an adult, basically), but I am becoming more and more of an old person every day. This fact was just made clear to me once more as I stumbled upon The Old Person’s Guide To Hip Young Modern Lingo.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew a good number of these, but quite a few of them (Based? Cross-faded? Kek?) were news to me.

Handy and informative as this is, my favourite definition is one that I’m pretty sure everyone already knows.

A noun that used to be common in black culture denoting “brother” in a convivial sense but which has shamelessly been appropriated by Caucasians to mean a heterosexual male who is kind of a douchebag. Variants include “bra,” “breh,” “bruv,” “braj,” “Bromosapien,” “Brosephine,” “Bro Montana,” and “Bromosapien.” To give a “brojob” is to pull a prank on a fellow bro. An alternate term is “dudebro.” A “broshi” or “broshki” is a derogatory term denoting a masculine lesbian.

I have no idea why bromosapien is mentioned twice. Perhaps there’s a joke in there that I’m too square to understand. Square, for the benefit of you youngsters, is what you would call lame. You kids still say lame, right?

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