God Should Have Told Him Not To Do That

I suppose Justin Riley Brafford here probably didn’t exactly molest this poor woman in a purely technical sense, but it still falls under the category of gross, please don’t do that, so here’s the story.

The woman said Brafford “began to lean closer to her seat with his arm over her arm rest and on her leg” before he got closer to her and began “playing footsies” with her, according to the criminal complaint.
Brafford allegedly verbally harassed her, whispering “Don’t [expletive] with me,” after which a flight attendant agreed to change the woman’s seat.
Once the woman switched seats, the complaint says that Brafford approached her at her new seat. After the flight attendant gave Brafford a warning, Brafford allegedly began yelling at the flight attendant and hurling expletives.
The flight attendant said Brafford went from “zero to 60 in nano-seconds” and said he believed Brafford was “possibly on drugs,” according to the criminal complaint.

I’d say that’s a good bet, since he’s alleged to have told authorities on the ground that he was getting calls from god after recently using meth and overdosing on heroin.

But good news. If convicted of the charges of interfering with and intimidating members of a flight crew and flight attendants while on an aircraft and simple assault, he could have the better part of the next twenty years to dry out or at least to switch to a new substance of choice. I’ll bet there might even be a nice gentleman or two in there who wouldn’t mind playing footsies with him.

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