Take This Whiskey, Mr. President. It’s Great Whiskey. The Best Whiskey

I can’t say I fully understand the thought process here because Trump has said many times that he doesn’t drink, but the wife bit does make some sense. He has had three of them, after all. Clearly he knows something about the subject. Then again I’m sure being a pretend billionaire/successful businessman probably had a hand in helping that along, so this trip really does seem like a whole lot of trouble for zero return on investment.

Fox News is reporting that on Wednesday a Canadian man was arrested on suspicion of moving White House security barriers. 
According to authorities, Yianny Georgopoulos said he wanted to deliver two bottles of Crown Royal whiskey to President Trump and solicit advice on how to find a wife. 
Authorities said Georgopoulos moved a bike rack that had posted warnings that the area was off limits after midnight.  
Authorities said he reportedly exited the area after several commands to do so by the Secret Service.

He was charged with unlawful entry, which apparently isn’t his first run-in with the law. He also told police that he had recently been arrested for stalking one of his cousins and threatening other family members. That arrest had nothing to do with the morning White House wife search, I hope.

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