Thanks For The Ride. What Did You Say You Did For A Living? Uh-oh…

For all of the careful planning that can sometimes go into them, prison escapes themselves are necessarily a pretty rushed act. So although you almost can’t fault Allen Lewis for the way his turned out, he’s still worth pointing and laughing at because come on, man.

Allen Lewis, 31, had run away when being moved from Greenup County Detention Center in Kentucky, to face charges in a different county.
Lewis complained to the transport officer that his handcuffs hurt, so the officer pulled over to fix them.
When one cuff was released, a struggle ensued and Lewis fled on foot.
While the prison mounted a search operation, the escapee made it to a nearby highway and tried to flag down a lift.
Unfortunately for him, the person who stopped was a campus police officer at the local Morehead State University. The handcuffs dangling from one of Lewis’s wrists proved a rather obvious giveaway.

He’s now facing an escape charge along with the rest of his troubles.

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