Somebody Tried To Eat Those Canned Hamburgers. Tried Being The Key Word Here

Many years ago, Carin discovered that there is such a thing as a cheeseburger in a can. She had basically the reaction that you’re probably having right now, especially if this is the first time you’ve heard the words cheeseburger in a can presented to you in the context of it being a thing that actually exists. But indeed it does exist, and some crazy bastard found and attempted to eat a few of them.

The fact that some of them didn’t want to come out of the can should have been a sign from the heavens, but on he pressed. The results, to be generous, were mixed. The word “slime” comes up frequently, as do terms such as “tastes like paper”, “no flavour”, “What is that? and on the positively glowing end of the spectrum, “it’s edible”.

You may not want to watch this during dinner, although if you watch it beforehand there may be no need for dinner, so do what you will.

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