Get The Door. It’s A Robbery! Get The Door. It’s A Robbery!

Now here’s something you don’t see every day. An unintentional simultaneous robbery.

The clip, shot inside the takeaway restaurant in Rotterdam, Netherlands, shows employees winding down to close the shop after a long day when an armed man bursts through the door.

Demanding a lone worker return to the office and retrieve cash, he clearly brandishes a weapon before the pair disappear away from sight of the camera positioned at the front of the shop.

But while they are in the back, another pair of criminals suddenly charge through the door and leap over the counter wearing masks.

Dutch media outlet Metro Nieuws reports that the two men then forced the first intruder to the ground “giving him a slap” before making off with stacks of money from inside the safe.
They can then be seen escaping from the restaurant with bundles of cash – before the first assailant follows seconds later, dropping a few notes as he scarpers out of the front door.

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