NVDA Future Improvements Survey

I use NVDA every day and while there are issues here and there using it with some specific programs, I don’t have a lot to add to this survey. But if you do, have at it.

It doesn’t look like it should take very long to fill out, especially if you know how Github works (it’s not a requirement that you know how Github works). They just want to hear about your two biggest issues with the software and a few very basic things about your general usage of it.

NV Access would like to work with the community to identify the most important bugs and feature requests for NVDA. With over 2000 open issues on Github, it can be difficult for us to understand which issues are the most hard hitting for the greatest amount of people. By filling in this short survey, you can help us better prioritize our future work.
As always, we make no promise that creating an issue or filling in this survey will mean that your particular issues are addressed in a timely manner, however we will look very carefully at this data, and prioritize our work to ensure we provide positive impact to the greatest number of users.
Your answers are annonymous. No identifying information will be asked for in this survey. However, by filling in this survey you are agreeing that NV Access may make this data public for all to see.
Thank you for your help in improving NVDA.

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