We Thought You Might Like This Back. Oh, And You’re Under Arrest

This is astoundingly stupid. A man chased by Cape Coral police last week was found in his home Monday because he left his driver’s license with an officer.   30-year-old Vincent Parlato’s Ford Mustang was stopped on Santa Barbara Boulevard on Sunday, Feb. 10 after a Cape Coral police officer noticed him driving 60 mph in a 45 […]

They Hired Me To Deliver Things. They Said Nothing About Leaving Them There

This is definitely one of the dumber thefts I’ve seen in a while. So what if I had to show ID to get in and who cares if there’s quite obviously a camera attached to this house? I’m taking this package. Just try to stop me. Surveillance cameras captured a delivery driver taking an Amazon […]

Please Stop Flushing Your Yorkshire Puddings Down The Toilet, You Barbarians! Sincerely, The Sewer Company

I have so many questions, chief among them how one accumulates enough unwanted Yorkshire puddings to cause this much damage. Is pudding flushing a thing people do now? Is this one person’s terrible hording issue? Is some restaurant somewhere disposing of them on an industrial scale? We're sure even our friends at @YorkshireWater wouldn't welcome […]

Doug Ford May Or May Not Be Trying To Kill Us

I’m willing to take a wait and see attitude about some of the Ford government’s newly announced healthcare reforms. Maybe not all of their ideas are bad. I’m not even all that bent out of shape just yet about the looming specter of more privatization because I feel like there are probably ways to blend […]

If We Want Quality Immigrants, Let’s Maybe Try Not Screwing Them Over

I feel for people like Emilio Carro. He came to this country looking for a better life. He’s been working hard, trying to do the right things. And now, through what appears to be no fault of his own, he’s left hung out to dry by the system. Emilio Carro was just days away from […]