Who Actually Watches Trade Deadline Coverage?

Somebody must because all the networks keep doing it, but I’ve never understood it even as a sports fan. I care about what happens, but not once have I ever had even the slightest desire to sit and watch talking heads go on about nothing for hours on end and try to make marginal guy for draft picks 3 years from now deals sound exciting. I especially don’t get it now that we have an internet. Everybody has a deal tracker or an app, so why not just look at that once in a while? I’ve got the Score app going, and every time something actually happens, it lets me know. It’s great because I can look at it for a minute and then move on with my day, assuming somebody hasn’t ruined my team with some dumb deal or other (hey Sens fans, how’s it goin’?). There’s no need to sit through a feature about player X and his family’s dream of one day owning a horse farm just to get to the two minutes of useful recap I’m looking for.

To be clear, I’m not saying don’t put anything on TV. These are sports channels. They should be reporting on sports. But since there are brief, regularly scheduled updates throughout the day anyway, why not just use those? Considering how much major news generally goes down on these deadline days, they should provide more than enough time to get everything in.

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