It’s Up, It’s Down, It’s The Vomit Comet

Not sure how many of you this is happening to since it seems to be rather intermittent, but if in the last day or two you’ve gotten some unusual errors or something hasn’t loaded quite right, yes, we do know about it. And unfortunately, as best I can tell, we’re powerless to fix it. All of the systems we can touch appear to be working as they should. The problem seems to be somewhere in server land, and that’s out of our control. We’re not the only site hosted on our server, so whether something is happening to one of them and things are wobbling for everybody else as a result or there’s something wrong with a machine, we’re just going to have to wait it out, I’m afraid.

So for now, if you get a page not found or a server error or anything else odd, just try again and things should come up normally. And if you aren’t getting them, good times. I’m happy for you. They’re starting to drive me nuts.

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