I Almost Feel Sorry For Amy Fee. I Don’t, But I almost Do

I don’t know a lot about what Amy Fee did in her life before politics, but if these are her defending skills I sure hope it didn’t involve lawyering. Thrown to the wolves by her bosses in the Ford government and ordered to defend its autism plan, she, or someone pulling the strings, came up […]

No One From My Century Plays Major League Baseball Anymore

If you’d like to feel very, very old today, have this. MLB opening season with 0 active players from 1900s MLB is the first of North America’s four major professional sports leagues to not feature at least one player who played in the previous century, per Walker. Only two players who appeared in games prior […]

Gambling, Drug Running…Is This Guy Good AT Anything?

If you’re going to transport a big ‘ol bag of drugs across Canada, maybe don’t listen to your buddy’s GPS when it tells you to unnecessarily cross the border into the United States. But if you are going to listen to it because it promises to save you some time, at least make sure everyone […]

Integrity Commissioner Pats Doug Ford On The Head For Remembering To Have Fall Guys

Doug Ford didn’t breach rules in Taverner appointment, integrity commissioner says Ontario premier says report ‘represents a complete vindication’ for his government Speaking to reporters late Wednesday afternoon, Ford maintained the appointment process was independent and that he wasn’t involved in it.  “From the beginning this complaint was baseless and totally political, and without merit. […]