Huh. People Like To Drink Beer and sing. Who Knew?

I call it most of the good parties I’ve gone to, but nowadays they call it Beer Choir, apparently. Looks fun, whatever name you want to give it. And what a fantastic theme song.

One group of Edmontonians has come to realize that songs and craft beer can make a perfect pairing.
A new musical movement called Beer Choir is coming to the capital region, and it’s exactly what it sounds like — the new community choral group will sing together while sampling beer at breweries, pubs and bars across the city.
In the words of the official theme song: “The Beer Choir is the choir that sings while drinking beer.”
“It really is that simple,” said Sara Brooks, the founder of the local Edmonton chapter, in a recent interview with CBC Edmonton’s Radio Active. “It combines two rather fabulous things — community singing and craft beer.”

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